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Geocaching, A Great Way to Entertain and Exercise- All in One!

This year for my birthday I was given an Apple gift card. I loaded it into my apple account and didn’t really have any plans for its use just yet. A few weeks went by which found me at the top of a mountain with my husband and son on our four wheelers. My 5 year old was antsy to get going and my husband was trying to get the trailer and truck locked up so in a stroke of genius I remembered that I had some money in the app store and could re-purchase my subscription to geocaching.com. I was a little miffed when they raised the price of the app to $30 bucks a year so I had let it lapse for a couple of years. Now, it was possible to purchase only a month at a time so that is what I did. In a flash my little boy and I were happily searching for ‘treasure’.


Geocaching is a fun way to get outdoors and re-connect with family and nature. No matter where you are on the globe, there are caches waiting you. There are the very easy ones and then there are the more challenging ones that require a bit more patience and mind power. If you get frustrated and finding it becomes more important than ‘finding’ it, you can look at the cheats and get a better idea of where it is. The first step is to download the app on your smart phone. You will be required to pay a minimal fee for the use of the app- the fun and entertainment of it will outweigh this I promise! Then you need to gather a few trinkets to leave behind in the caches if you plan to take things from them. A pen is a good idea to bring along also as you can then log the date that you were there and found it. Always bring water and wear appropriate clothing. I also know some geocachers that bring a disposable pair of gloves for reaching back into dark corners.


There are more than 5 million geocachers worldwide, stalking more than a million hidden caches. Most caches are small- to medium-sized containers with a logbook inside, and sometimes little items that geocachers can take with them, as long as they leave something of equal or more value in its place.

If you should ever find a geocache accidentally, please return it to its location so the game isn’t ruined for those of us who hike for hours to find ‘just one more’. Yes, it can become an obsession but believe me, it’s a great way to get your kids and yourself out and exercising without even realizing it!

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