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Autumn Fun in the Inland Northwest!

It’s all about Scarywood in Idaho and UPick farms in Greenbluff, just North of Spokane!  Silverwood, the only outdoor amusement/water park in the entire Northwest, much like it’s big brother’s in California, turns the entire park (except for “scare free” zones) into a very scary place, as if the rides weren’t already scary enough!

Greenbluff is more all about entire family wholesome fun, with music, mazes, carnival and wagon rides and so much more.  Plus they are actual working farms so you can go and pick pumpkins, squash, apples, and more seasonal fruits and veggies.  The guy with the little cannon shoots out a pumpkin towards a target across their farm, that to date, they have never hit.  He calls it Chunkin Pumpkin!

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Check back often for more about what is going on in the Inland Northwest! 

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