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I wrote a little about our local Liberty Lake farmers market last year and felt like it deserves another spotlight for its great offerings. If you drive down the the Liberty Lake town square on a Saturday morning, you will find local vendors as well as your neighbors mingling and chatting happily.

You might want to go by Bumper Crop Coffee and grab a steaming cup of jo to get started. Image result for farmers market coffeeThen your path might lead to the Crepe Cafe where you can get fresh crepes for breakfast. If you are looking for fresh organic groceries for the week, there is S & P Farm, Full Bushel Farm, Icebox Flats, and Ong’s Garden you might try.

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The summer months bring many special items to like berries, mushrooms, and peppers! Piper Farms has fresh blueberries. Aichelle Farms or Bodacious Berrys will have your mixed varieties of berries, while you can get foraged mushrooms from Gourmet Foragables and Happy Mountain Mushrooms.

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Hot to mild peppers can be purchased from Pepper Paradise.

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To spice things up a bit, check out Grilling Gods where you will find hand mixed rubs for all kinds of meat.

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As your day wears on, you might get hungry. Head on over for something nutritious and delicious at The Farmers Daughter food truck. Lucid Roots also sells take and go boxed meals made of all the finest things. You can find fresh baked goods at Scone Ranger, Glorious Bakery, or Petit Chat Bakery. Image result for farmers market hand cinnamon rollWant a huge cinnamon roll? Sara’s got you covered.

Sauces can be found in many types and flavors. Caramel Kitchen, and Snowberry Ridge Farm have caramel and honey sauces. For more savory choices go to Commelini Estate or B & G Sweet Heat Pepper Marmalade. Image result for homemade sauceThese are all hand made sauces and go great with every meal!

The last subject of interest are the drinks!

Image result for hand made drinksYou can get lemonades over at Refreshed or try out a mead wine at the Hierophant Meadery- this is a honey based alcoholic beverage if you are not familiar with it.Get a beer at Big Barn Brewery or cider at Liberty Ciderworks.

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Whether you are young or old, the Liberty Lake farmers market will keep you entertained and well fed right up until it closes at 1:00 in the afternoon. So get there early- the early bird gets the ripest worm…right?


 Check back often for more about what is going on in the Inland Northwest! 


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